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help pls

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Pretty sure you are missing a master mod for one of the mods you added.

ZAP requires just SKSE, FNIS, and SexLab.

I have no idea of what are the requirements of the other mod (pahe_lives.)


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Install the TESedit5 (I believe it is 5 lol) then run it. It will go through your load order. It will stop when it finds a master issue. It will tell you that master that is missing or out of order. Fix that and rerun the entire thing again. fix any errors until it states it has completed


You should also be able to install LOOT and run it for Skryim and it will give you errors and some solutions. If you run into any issues with the previous post the info you get here and someone will be able to help explain what happened.


This can be done for FAllout 4, 3 and NV along with Oblivion (I believe :))


If you are using Prides FOMM it will have different color for missing masters. Easy to check at a glance.


I do the above two things to find my issues with Fallout 4 which I am currently playing. Haven't had a CTD. (In case you are confused the TESedit5 for Skyrim is basically the same thing for Fallout 4 just named differently with a different resource folder (I believe that is what is is... the "do not delete" file. )


anyway do the above and you will limit, well actually eliminate the CTD errors that many new modders get.

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