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This is driving me crazy


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I am having a problem where several mods that add devious devices all suffer from the same problem, they try to add the items two times in a row. Also simple slavery mod gives me dialogue twice in a row at the end of the auction and at the start of any of the selected outcomes. So if I choose bondage adventure, I get to the fade to black and load screen then get the dialogues about being pushed out of a cart blah blah but those happen TWICE in a row and then the devious devices try to equip twice in a row causing a warning message about you can only equip one of those at a time. Then the chastity belt is equipped starting the quest for that and the bondage adventure quest is auto completed leaving my character standing there then load screen again then standing somewhere else for nothing.


I have tried a whole lot of shit to fix this updating all mods to latest version and making sure some scripts are not laying around from old versions of mods checking load order a thousand times using loot trying different options with loot moving the JUGs mod around in load order... only thing I can think of is some weird but with fnis. I even checked my skeleton files made sure they are the latest XPMSE3 etc. but I remember there was this bug with fnis where if you started the default game then the cart ride wouldn't work because the cart would not move and you had to uninstall creatures mods in fnis? I don't do the default start because I use LAL mods so can't check it. Also it seems that if I choose a non bound start from one of the LAL mods I use it autocompletes too so can't start as milk maid or milk maid on a farm etc they just auto complete. If I can't fix this shit I have to reload skyrim from scratch to get rid of the problem it is getting that bad. Has anyone every had this problem before?

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Oh hell I found it the problem was content consumers alternate starts mod. I went back to immerslave mod to get simple slavery to work as an alternate start and now my game CTD when I try to save so I have to forget starting out as pervy with immerslave I guess.

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