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Please help...


I've always heard how good Oblivion was, but never actually got around to playing because my system wouldnt handle modding very well..  Now I have a decent system and downloaded the game and all DLCs and want to see how it actually plays.  A lot of the mods for it are older & I'm not sure of compatabilities.


If someone out there still plays a stable modded game, I would very much appreciate a working load order list, including adult mods, to save me the time of figuring out  what still works ogether & what doesnt.  a pm is ok if you want to keep it private.



I like my game to be visually appealing and realistic, even in a fantasy setting - so realistic bodies & physics is a plus, (i like anime in animated shows, but not gameplay).  (my new system runs a heavily modded Skyrim pretty easily, so I dont anticipate problems there other than the limits of an outdated game) Conflicts which drop textures or repeatedly glitch out ruin immersion for me & I just lose interest.  I usually plan to play through a game several times with widely varied character types, so it should be balanced.  Adult material is an added bonus as long as it doesnt overwhelm gameplay (unless I add such a mod just for a more adult playthrough).  Having looked at the vanilla tutorial - I know I'll need body replacers, male/female, skeleton, and clothing replacers that work together, as well as some animation fixes.  


Any direction or mod ideas that you know still work are welcome.

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