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BodySlide question

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If using bodyslide,

u can open the NIF file using nifscope in the bodyslide presets folder (shapedata) and edit that one

and the ones u create for a specific body in bodyslide after that should all contain those changes.(I think)

(There should only be one not 0 and 1 in the bodyslide preset folder)

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if the armors were generated by bodyslide then edit the nif in shape data like the guy above said.


if its a non-body slide armor, open the _1 nif, load the reference, shape it to fit the reference, save the project saying to generate both 0 and 1, then bodyslide it like normal. of course its not that simple, you may have to copy weights and shape a bit. if it had a bodyshape built in, delete it in preference to the reference shape.

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