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Unique Loot Mod

Mister B

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Do you get bored looting sacks, urns, and barrels ? Always seeing the same kind of loot ? If your like me, I think the only time you looted a sack is when you wanted to look for cooking materials. And urns.. were just BORING as hell.. Maybe find a few gold and that was it. Well now here's Mister B's Unique Loot!! This mod will improve the kind of loot you find in Sacks, Barrels, and Urns! Find more unique items, from normal house-hold goods, to ore, and maybe even a rare magical item which I have injected into the game. Now you can go back to searching all those sacks, urns, and barrels and find something worth-while.

What does this mod do ?

  • This mod effects the following containers with improved Loot. Sacks, Urns, Barrels, Dressers, Drueger Corpses, Coffins, and Drawers
  • (even orc ones).
  • More items appear in Sacks, Urns, Barrels, and Dressers/Drawers.
  • This mod effects sacks, urns, barrels, dressers, and drawers. To effect chests, I suggest the awesome  More Intereseting Loot by by Ghengisbob (on the nexus)


What kind of Loot can you find ?

  • This mod adds Ancient Coins worth 6 septims each (wanted this to be generic).
  • Sacks and Barrels, can now find crafting materials. Jewelry, Miscellaneous House materials, Foods, and Clothes.
  • Urns now add Bone Meal, Mountain Flowers, More Coinage, jewelry.
  • Dressers and Drawers, produce more clothes, gold, and jewelry.
  • Nine New Magic Items (so far) which appear after Level 20.


Please start a new game with this mod, for best effects. Or give the game up to a week's time to populate properly. It wouldn't hurt to do a bash patch to help reduce the possibility of a CTD.

What's in the Works ?
 I'll be able to start tackling the unique Magical item add ons. Magic items will be added to the Images section, for your perusal as they are added. I've recently added a non-dlc version. There is also a Cheat Chest for those who like doing that, by using the command console.




Unique Loot (Legendary version) Unique Loot.7z


Unique Loot (Non DLC version) Unique Loot - Non DLC.7z

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