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Hello i'm looking for a new pc and i found this one: MSI Nightblade MI-016UK. I'm not a big expert so  someone can tell me pls if i can play skyrim (high/ultra+enb) with a decent fps with over 150 mods installed. I hope somene can help me and thanks :) .

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It depends on what configuration you'll pick. I can tell you that a Pentium G3258 with a GT740 definitely won't make you very happy.


If you want to play games on 1080p resolution and with the highest possible settings, don't even think about going for anything below a GTX970. On lower resolutions and/or if it's okay for you to turn off or turn down some of the graphical settings, then you may go for a GTX960.


The PSU on the Nightblade is only 350 Watts, so I don't think it'd be wise to pick the one with GTX970.




If you really want one of these, pick one with Intel Core i5 CPU and NVidia GTX960.

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I found different specifications for that model on google, but if i take this one


Fabricante del procesador Intel
Velocidad del procesador 3.2 GHz
Toma del procesador Socket H3 (LGA 1150)
Número de procesadores 4
Capacidad de la memoria RAM 8 GB
Tecnología de la memoria DDR3-SDRAM
Tipo de memoria del ordenador DDR3 SDRAM
Memoria máxima compatible 32 GB
Capacidad del disco duro 1000 GB
Interfaz del disco duro Serial ATA-600
Descripción de la tarjeta gráfica NVIDIA GeForce GT 740
Potencia eléctrica 350 vatios
Sistema operativo Windows 10 Home



Its just a "decent computer" but dont expect wonders from it.

- System RAM is just good enough, nothing fancy. 

- The graphic card could be even considered weak

- I do not know much about AC power but 350W seems low too (specially if you think in upgrading the graphic card to something more powerful). 


I never had a soft spot for prebuild computers myself tho


If you only want to play a better skyrim then the Graphic Card and having a big SSD HD would be most important components, since DX9 doesnt take much profit from extra system RAM and muscled CPU (like for example I7)

Newer games do tho, so keep that in mind



To clarify, I am no expert either, its just my "user" opinion based on an hipotetical comparition with my system.

I have an I7 3770, 16gb system ram, 760 GTX 2gb and normal 2tb HD (i got a small SSD but just for windows)

I run 190-200ish mods, none of the textures are above 2k , my grass and tree settings are at normal parameters, ugrids=5 and with real vision full version i got 30 fps average on exteriors, 42 fps interiors

I cant use any ENB i want because my framerate would drop to 10 fps sometimes while in exteriors, so as you can see Skyrim can be very demanding.

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An old laptop with graphic card amd radeon hd 6620g, i can't run skyrim  over 30 fps without  mod at medium settings and without enb :dodgy:


Ok, i see

Well the only advice i can give you is wait for the official market launch of the new Nvida and Radeon graphic cards (if that did not happen already). Once they are released market prices for lesser graphic cards will probably drop a bit.

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