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Bypassing HDT Havok object?


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I've tried out a few different XMLs for HDT physics, but I finally settled with the Naturalistic XMLs using the HDT Havok object for collisions. However as with other XMLs I've used in the past, I frequently get issues of invisible NPCs/glitchy breast physics when loading into new cells. I can usually fix this with a "disable" and then "enable" console command to reset the NPC.


Is there a way to use this or other XMLs, without the Havok Object? Not only is it somewhat annoying equipping it to every follower or NPC I want and having to reset them, but I also get issues where a follower goes into a pool or hotspring in certain player home mods and unequips all their items, including the havok object.


I've looked around LL and google and haven't found a solid answer on this. Is there any way to modify the XML so that they don't require Havok object, or at least a way to keep NPCs from unequipping the object? I have all of HDT's requirements and I'm running skyrim through MO using a UUNP HDT body.

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...huh. I was under the impression that the HDT Object generally wasn't needed any more - normally the HDT Havok Path is attached directly to the body meshes now, and I thought it already was with UUNP, (although that could be because I initially started out with the AIO pack). If it's not, though... take a look at this: Setup: Breast Collision

Also, I'm pretty sure the part about idle animations there is optional. And the "nifskope picture tutorial" linked to is slightly inaccurate - the hdt .xmls you link to should be in Data\SKSE\Plugins\ (where they probably are already), and not in the same folder as your meshes.


That said, though, I'll admit I don't know if this will help you or not; I have no idea why that issue with changing cells is happening for you. My first guess would be some kind of mismatch between what versions of the mods you're using, but the xml you linked is current, the UUNP body you're using probably is as well, and if you didn't have XPMSE installed, you'd probably know, because the problems would probably be far more obvious. Maybe check what version you're using of the HDT extension itself? I don't know which version might've been bundled with the version of the Physics Object you were using.

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Maybe changing cells isn't the right term, but whenever I exit a building into skyrim or enter a city with a lot of NPCs, I frequently get glitchy physics on my followers, which requires me to use the disable-enable commands. 


And as I stated before, I'm using the latest version of HDT extension (14.28).


One thing I noticed on the Naturalistic forum was that this xml was tied to UUNP Special bodies. Does that mean that if I use a UUNP Special body instead of an HDT body I won't need the havok object? And what does this mean for armors that are UUNP HDT but not UUNP Special?

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The Havok object is virtually obsolete these days.

Simply add the required xml data to the nifs.


You can also add the data to the different armour nifs too.

so for instance you could add the xml data you normally add to give npc's hand-breast collision to certain gloves. You could also add the finger collision to the nifs. (I have my finger collision xml's attached to the feet meshes on naked females, so I went through and attached that same xml data to a load of boots. Works just the same)


Once you get the hang of adding the xml data to the nifs it is as easy as pie, takes about a minute per item, if that.

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Just stumbled upon this thread while looking for ways to make the havok object basically invisible. This sounds alot more promising. However, I cannot wrap my head around the tutorial and the whole editing process.

Does anyone here have the nifs for the cbbe body with bbp? I'm not looking for any armor alterations, just the basic nude body.

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