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Where are all the ... costumes?


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Where are all the ... costumes?

Please fill in the blanks with:

female warriors, amazon warriors, fantasy warrior babes, gladiatrix, barbarian babes,  Viking babes, prehistoric warrior babes, jungle babes, etc, etc, etc.

...and the same goes for male costumes: Imagine a jungle stage with TARZAN fighting a big African tribe warrior, or KORAK (son of Tarzan) fighting a jungle warrior babe...

Other stages would be: ancient arena (with gladiators), fantasy world (with Conan, Red Sonja, etc.), Viking village (with warrior babes)...

I mean... DOA, a fighting game with babes... Has no-one ever thought about these costumes/settings? Or have a missed something?

Are there any designers out there who feel inspired by these themes?

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Thank you ShiroiKaze69.


I hurried over to FreeStepDodge, but could not find a single barbarian woman warrior costume, and i looked in a LOT of threads! I couldn't even find (with the search function) Raiden or Soul Calibur entries... I even searched the site with Google.


How did you find the costumes you mention?

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