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Game CTDs when loading

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A few days ago i had reinstalled my mod list, abandoning any mods i didnt need, fully updating all my mods, troubleshooted any errors on my own, everything was finally running smoothly until today.

yesterday i had finished the horn of jurgan windcaller dungeon and had fast traveled to riverwood to meet with delphine, but before i went to meet her i wanted to get the 1 unit of MME milk out of my breast. got in the machine, and CTD. stopped playing for the day, and started again today. 

i was able to load it fine from outside the dungeon, fast traveled again, noticed that my armor had a graphical glitch, decided to save and reload. 


it CTDed at my latest save, CTD'd the 3 previous saves, and it infinite loading screen all the way to my high hrothgar save. i ran loot 40 times to see if the load order was being a tosser to no avail. did research, counted my strings, just over 36k, so here i am, posting my papyrus log to see why skyrim hates me. 



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