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Best/most fulfilling mods

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I've recently cleaned my skyrim game to the point where it has no mods. I do have my body and clothing mods already set, along with sexlab framework and zaz. I'm basically looking for what's in the title, any suggestions?


Also, I've wanted to try the forbidden fruit mod, but it's always down. Anyone know where I can get it

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Pretty much the rape/sex slaves aspect of it all. Not like player Slavery but like owning slaves. Also some quest/immersive sex mods. I'm going for a character that can hold their own but still gets overpowered occasionally. So anything that can make it like that. Also like mods like dangerous nights and dangerously nude work as well. I'm also kind of looking for a mod that lets you buy and sell slaves to keep at a house or maybe a castle. But not like immersive sex slaves because I didn't like having to do all that crap about making someone a slave. And any mods that let you just use sex instead of things like your intimidation skill and persuasion and gold. I was also wondering if there was a mod that lets you buy items from a shopkeeper with sex. So like if you don't have gold but you still need those steel ingots, you can just offer your body as trade instead. So know anything like any of that?

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Kinda depends on what you like.

Thanks for the suggestions, will definitley try a few





For me, Sexlab Aroused Redux, Defeat, Romance and More Nasty Critters (if you want Bestiality) are a must.


If you're into bondage and slavery: all the primary Devious Devices mods, Deviously Cursed Loot, Deviously Helpless, Simple Slavery, Deviously Enslaved, Captured Dreams Shop


For quests: Devious CIdhna and College Days Winterhold (the Sexlab edition), Theft and Seduction


Finally, some honorable mentions: Get Stripped, Private Needs, Soulgem Oven III,  Estrus Chaurus, Aroused Creatures, SlaveTats, Prison Overhaul

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