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Quick questions lads. How bad is the performance drop for playing Skyrim on Linux? And if I install Skyrim on Linux, can I run the mods and files I've already downloaded (it's on a separate HDD than the Windows 10 installation) or do I need to reinstall everything just for the sake of Linux?

I only discovered the whole Windows 8.1/10 puts a 4GB cap on 32bit DirectX 9 games after I was unable to roll back to 7. And rather than try to hunt down a new copy of Windows 7 or use an unauthorized version, I wondered if it would be worth installing Linux on a different partition instead.

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According to these articles, a 32-bit app won't be able to use more than 4GB on a 64-bit OS, so you may not see any benefits by switching to Linux with regards to running Skyrim or other games (potentially).




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The four gig ram cap he's talking about zapotek2034 is for video ram only, it doesn't refer to system memory at all, he could see some performance boost under linux if he has more than 4 gig video ram, say a 980 Ti or similar. Under Win 7 he could use all the available video memory that his card has, under Win 10, that's capped for Direct X 9 games at 4096.

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