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Scripting stripping

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I'm creating a mod using the CK, and running into problems trying to strip the character.  Nothing works right. :(


Here's what I've tried, and what happens:


UnequipAll - works too well: character is naked, but pipboy disappears; also inventory is lost.


RemoveAllItems - this is supposed to move inventory to a container-- but the container stays empty.   Pipboy lost again, and current outfit is not removed. (That is, it's still visible on the character.)


UnequipItemSlot - using slots in the 33-45 range... does not actually remove clothes.


AddOutfit, switching to an outfit consisting only of a Pipboy: the pipboy is removed and the current outfit is not.



Has anyone else figured out how to do it?


(Ideally I'd like RemoveAllItems to work, but as noted, it didn't actually remove the player's clothes, and it didn't move things to the container.)


(If it's relevant, I'm running these scripts as papyrus fragments during dialog.)



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