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Floating feet with Nioverride heels


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On my current save my character's feet float several inches above the ground, both when wearing heels and when barefoot. When equipping heels she does get pushed up like you would expect, and when removing the heels she drops back down, but in both states she never actually touches the ground. If I start a fresh game with the same mod configuration the feet/shoes touch the ground like you would expect them to. I do not have the HDT HighHeels mod loaded, nor have I ever with this save. All the heels used with this save are using Nioverride transforms(heels from Devious Devices and Deviously Cursed Loot).


I think the problem began while my character was wearing the Exhibitionist Boots from DCL, because the extra height above the ground seems to match the extra height the exhibitionist boots add. It's almost like the transform from the boots got added twice somehow, and the extra transform is permanently applied to my character even after removing the boots.


I've found I can temporarily get my character on the ground while wearing heels if I have Sexlab's clear heels setting enabled, begin a sex animation(sexlab lowers my character), and then disable the setting while the animation is in progress. After the animation ends my character's shoes will touch the floor. Removing the heels at that point will get my character's feet on the floor. If I re-enable the sexlab clear heels setting then my character ends up floating again after the next time a sex animation plays, even if my character was barefoot during the sex animation.


Has anybody encountered a similar issue before? Is there a way to manually check, clear, or reset transforms applied to a character?

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I managed to get this fixed, although I still don't know how the problem started.


When I saved my character as a preset using RaceMenu I could see the offending transform in the exported file. It was applied to the node "NPC" and had a key name of "".


Rather than trying to target it specifically I figured it would be easier to get rid of all the transforms, and any legit ones would get recreated by the mods that made them in the first place. I ended up making a simple script in the CK that does:

Actor PlayerRef = Game.GetPlayer()

I don't know if the update all call was needed, but it didn't seem to hurt. After running that, saving my game, quitting, relaunching, and loading the new save my character was back to normal standing on the floor.

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I know this is an OLD thread but I'm having the HDT Heels floating PC issue. It's constant and totally annoying.


The only way I've found to fix it, if only temporarily, is to open racemenu, navigate to the body scale tab, locate the height slider, lower it one notch then immediately put it back where it was. When I exit racemenu my PC is behaving normally. Unfortunately I find myself having to do this several times during every play session.


I'm totally grasping at straws here wondering if this script could be an answer to the problem, but I have no idea how or where or to what those lines of script would need to be added.


I've looked into everything else I could find with zero success, including an idea that I had involving a batch file for directly modifying PC height using console codes. Apparently there is no console code for height, and the next closest, SETSCALE, does not have the desired effect.


Any help appreciated.

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Well, this might not be the fix you'd want to hear but probably the easiest: avoid HDT high heels. NiO provides the same effect with much less problems. Afaik it's not that difficult to edit any heels you like and make the switch yourself but honestly i never did that myself, all my favorite boots already are changed.

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