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Need help with Material Swapping

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I'm trying to create some standalone outfits in FO4 using someone's replacer files as a starting point.


The replacer files are for pre-war dresses and the hidden flowery dresses.


In terms of structure, there are separate .nif files for two pre-war dresses and a .nif file for the flowery dress. Each .nif file is the base of three outfits, using different texture and material files to account for the different colours. The blue pre-war dress is a default, with the cream and pink pre-war dresses being the variations. Similarly the green pre-war dress is a default, with the denim and rose pre-dresses being variants on that outfit.


As a summary of what I've done thus far:

* Meshes have been set up and edited so they point to the correct material and texture files

* Material files have been edited so they point to the correct textures

* I've used the CK to create new Armor, Armor Addons and Material Swaps and linked them to one another (although I couldn't find anywhere to link the Armor Addons to the Material Swaps - it just seems to have autolinked)


Where I'm at now is that:

* The outfit shows in game with the correct mesh

* Unfortunately, the material swaps don't appear to be working properly as only the default version of the texture shows for each variation. For example, instead of one blue, one cream and one pink dress, I've got three blue dresses.

* In the CK, the Armor Addon correctly shows the material swaps, but they don't show in game.

* The original dresses all show correctly in game


Can someone please let me know what I'm doing wrong and how I can force the new outfits to correctly apply a material swap?


Besides the link to the material and texture files, is there something in the .nif file that I need to change to allow this to happen?



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I've also tried adding to the original material swap data (the entries that relate to the original pre-war and flowery dresses), but only had limited success.


If I edit the material swap data in only one .esp file that is loaded in game, the game appears to apply the material swap data as intended.


If I edit the material swap data in multiple .esp files that are loaded in game, the game only appears to apply the material swap data on the file that is last in the load order.


It'd be ideal if I only had to create a single .esp file, but given I'm prepare multiple variations of the dresses, I'll be using multiple .esp files.

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If anyone has the same problem I had and finds this, it turned out that the problem wasn't in the material swap (MSWP) info, but in the armor (ARMO) info.

Each outfit needed to be linked to the relevant MSWP entry, but I couldn't figure out how to do this in the CK (and I still can't).
Once I loaded up the .esp in FO4Edit however, I could see the data field in the armor entries where it was linking to the original material swap data, not the new ones I had created. I fixed that up and it's all working 100% now.... well, until I break something else
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