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So I had an idea for a possible expansion to Lovers Comfort. When your spouse finds a new lover they start having sex at relationship level 5. What if there was a new relationship level 6 where at this point the spouse leaves you and it starts a quest. You could come home and not be able to find them anywhere but find the wedding ring on a note saying they left you and for (fill in npc) and is going to marry them ... blah blah blah. After reading this it starts a quest where you have to scour all of Tamriel if you want to find them. It could be as elaborate as the creator wants to make it where they could be shacked up in a known establishment or they could create a sex bungalow deep in the woods in some remote location. It would be a good punishing quest for letting your spouse get away from you.


If you were able to find them there could be a brawl, death, threesome? I don't know I haven't thought at far ahead but what are your thoughts?



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