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Recruiting People For Mod!

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We are a couple of people who have decided to make a quest mod for Fallout 4.
It was supposed to be a small mod, but it turned out bigger than we thought and with that said: We need more people.

Some information about the mod:
Have the Gun Runners come to the wasteland known as the Commonwealth? Or are they just a rumour?
As the lone survivor tries to get in-contact with the group, you get more than you bargained for.

What we are looking for are as follows:

Creation Kit Enthusiasts:
People who can implement custom meshes into Fallout4.
Create quests and create/redo areas

Voice actors:
Decent voice actors with good microphone quality.

Any help concerning these areas are a help for the whole team and the mod
If you have any questions, or would love to work in a team, feel free to PM me.
If you think you can help out another way, don't hesitate in contacting us!
Thank you for reading this, and have a pleasant day!
     //Last Firefly


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FYI, if you need people to join, its helpful if you tell them what its about "A Quest" is not really helpful, not to mention a LOT of people create posts like this, and most are created by individuals, this causes people to ignore theses.


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