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Guide to making NPCs use CitrusHead?


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Does anyone know of a definite way to do it? Over a year ago, I asked this question and only got a guess that didn't really help and a super vague response that didn't really answer the question.


So now that it's been a year, I'm hoping someone can point me to a guide and not just tell that "it should work" without having even tried it themselves again. @_@


What I'm trying to do is customize NPCs and make my own NPCs with the head mesh and then use NifMerge. But no matter what I do in the CK, I can't make the CitrusHead mesh "stick" to the NPC in the CharGen file that I generate in the CK. I've even gone as far as to make the CitrusHead mod an esm so that it can be a master file for the mod I'm making.

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There's two version, one is a replacer, perhaps install that one while working in the ck so the NPCs must use it. I have tried using it, you get black face bug and have to export every head, if you don't mind doing that then yeah it works :)

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Guest endgameaddiction

Doesn't CK do the exports based off the low poly vanilla head? I can see where merging geometry from a high poly head to a low poly head will give you distorted results. I've seen this occur when using a preset based off of citrus head and removing it and slapping that preset on a low poly head. The results were jagged/distorted vertices.

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Guest endgameaddiction

Actually, I believe I have it backwards... I think it was trying to slap a low poly head preset to citrus and it gave some bad results.


I do think there is a workaround. I just haven't come around to try it. On some citrus head based presets to followers. I always used the standalone. Never the replacer.

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I've been at this for like 5 hours now. I cannot even. lol


I guess it's back to using the blocky head @_@




You treat it the same as you would the vanilla head. I always make a new head entry, select the mesh and all the .TRI files, then assign that head to my NPC instead of the femaleheadnord or whatever their race defaults to. When you CTRL+F4 it should export the head they're assigned whether they're citrus or vanilla. Then you can make changes to it in a 3d editor or racemenu or whatever, then use Nifmerge to combine it with your head mesh.


You can open up any of the followers I've released to see how I did it. I don't always make texture entries for the head in favor of setting them manually in the NIF. But when you open the head entry, there's a drop down list to select the texture.



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