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TES5Edit 3.1.3


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For whatever reason, it fails to load my loadorder. It keeps failing and refers to several esp being loaded prior to Skyrim.esm despite that not being the case.


I have never encountered such an error before, and I have no idea why TES5edit can't get my load order, and I am running it through MO. 

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Ok, I was just asking because it's such a clear and easy solution that one doesn't think of it quite often :blush: *cough*neverhappenedtome*cough*

Another simple possibility: Have you let run LOOT again, to recreate a proper loadorder? Maybe there simply was no proper loadorder file. Or do you use the MO2 beta? Then it could be a bug of MO2 instead of TES5Edit.


You also could try to close MO and then delete the [MO Installation]\Profiles\[active profile]\loadorder.txt file. Replace phrases in [ ] brackets with your proper data.

It should be recreated when reopening MO, maybe let run LOOT then to be sure.


Or just check in the log pane below the mod list (maybe you have to pull it up to see it) if there is shown any error concerning a loadorder file.

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