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[release] Mandalorian Modular armor, preparing for release


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Super alpha beta probably wont work release but here it is and its in submissions now: copied and pasted from release

Disclaimers; this will also be included in the release thread/topic:


This is 3 parts. Helmet, Chest Plate and Jetpack. They are textured and painted to my liking but feel free to make changes but do not upload anywhere but here and with permissions.


Do not bash the mod if it is not working properly, i am releasing this now to make sure it WILL work on machines other than my own. CBBE is REQUIRED. This has not been tested or created for a male body. Vault suit style armors are the most optimal equipment to avoid clipping. Personally, i use SuitDreams and Tactical Armor; both found on the nexus. Regular combat armor legs are the best option but do as you wish for boots. This goes for belts and gloves as i do not have any to include.


There are locations for the Helmet and Jetpack but not the chest, i do however recommend using the console to get all of them. Simply type Help Fett 4 and they should come up. This mod would not be possible without the help of deathknight72 as he did most of the leg work on the modelling and getting it in game. Any issues with the parts being invisible please message me directlyFETT FINAL BETA.7z


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Thanks for the support. There are a lot of disclaimers though I will be throwing out for example: the mod only consists of the helm, jetpack and chest PLATE.


            There are recommended files that border on required for the right effect; primarily vault suit type under armors. users will need to provide their own as well as any accessories


such as leg armors. there are redundancies in the bgsms (material information) simply because i do not feel it is save to remove them. By friday when my new computer comes in i will


have testing completed. I will be using that opportunity to verify that everything works on a completely fresh install with minimal adjustments. ***CBBE is required and this mod is NOT to


be reposted in any fashion on the Nexus****

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I fixed the CTD issue and posted on gun for ya. I hadn't seen this post before I made that one but ya looks like CBBE curvy with something skin tight is needed.


Ya, i replied over there too and i uploaded it here, you saved my bacon on this one. As far as the body, ya its cbbe curvy default. i never worked it around males but it should simply be a scale and position issue in bodyslide

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