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texture formatting issues...


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I am working together with Rohgen, to try to make his Collar models he posted on the nexus work ingame.

He sent me the models + some textures, and I'm atm trying to make some sense out of it.

I do understand a bit of the terminology, but at the large I have a real hard time figuring these things out.

He sent me the mesh + the following texture files, all as *.png:




(Link, in case the picture doesn't show up)


Yes, the UV-Mapping is all over the place, but I really can't so anything about that. I can notice it, and I do kinda know what an uv-map does, but that's about the extend of my knowledge there.

So I opened the ones I could associate in photoshop and converted them to dds, so far no problem.

I used the base color one as *_d.dds, the Normal as *_n.dds and the Metallic as *_s.dds, using this reddit as a reference.

Specifically this part from fadingsignal:


Yes, you can edit normal and specular/glossiness maps. Firstly, in Fallout 4 your standard art asset has a diffuse/albedo (RGB of _d), normal map (RG/XY of _n), and glossiness(R/X of _s) and specular/reflectivity(B/Y of _s). _d textures use dxt1/dxt5 compression depending if it has an alpha channel or not. Both _n and _s textures use 3Dc/ATI2/BC5 compression(?)


Finally I exported them via the Intel Texture Works plugin, though most of the stuff fadingsignal wrote I don't really understand.

And it already kind of works. I created the material with the material editor, and used Outfit Studio to edit the mesh, added the material and the textures I created there.

So this is what I currently got:




(Link, in case the image doesn't show up)


So it does already look like something, but there are some problems. In the Black part there are some small little gaps between the vertices, barely visible in the picture, but rather noticable ingame. I assume that might be because the "heightmap" is missing completly. Also the Roughness of the leather part is missing (as I couldn't associate the texture Rohgen with anything), but in the end I'm stumbling in the dark.

ie, I couldn't figure out how to only use certain channels for the _n and _s textures, as fading signal outlined...

It would be awesome if anyone could jump in and help us out., as both Rohgen and I would like to add a bunch more stuff he made.

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The hight map will not be needed in game, and you can ignore it.

The "_s.dds" is made up of both the 'metallic' and the 'roughness' map, just paste the metallic in the red channel and roughness in the green channel.

Then save it like the normal at BC5.

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Thanks a lot, that already helped quite a lot. With these infos and the infos from the reddit I quoted, I'm pretty sure, I got the textures the way the game expects them, but I still get these "Vertex edges" most notably on the black parts, and I have no idea if that's something I did wrong, or if there's an issue with the mesh etc...

Here's a Screenshot of how they currently look ingame:






I send my findings to Rohgen, but didn't hear back from him yet, so yeah, that's where it stands...^^

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I can't really tell without seeing the texture maps with the UV shells overlay, but how much padding is there?

Padding being how far the texture expands past an UV island.

If the padding is to low it often results in 'leaking' of the textures (kinda like in your picture) double so when the mip-maps are taken into account.

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I....have no Idea, I took the Textures Rohgen uploaded for me. He mentioned himself, that he doesn't know to much about UV-Maps and Texturing, but I really liked his models so I contacted him to work things out to get them ingame, and from there on we were just winging it...Learning as I'm doing. ;)

http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/12501/? Is the original mod page for this particular model. The files I'm working with are in the Files section as "test version for RustyXXL" or something like that, and I can upload what I did later today, if that helps.

I will forward the question anyway. ^^

My first time I'm using completly new textures and models. Up until now I always used already finished stuff and modified that. ;P

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I downloaded it t take a look.


And well, in the nicest way possible, the UVs are complete shit.








You see all those green lines? they are boarder edges and the cause of your problem.

It looks as though it was unwrapped (poorly) by a machine/program.

All that wasted space, and low padding, pointless splits..


You will need to unwrap it again properly and will most likely need to re-texture it (if you can't bake the old textures to the new map).

I would opt for re doing the textures then try to transfer the old though, if it was me making the decision.

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Thanks. I will take a look and see what we can do about that. This will take some investigating work...never did anything with uvs myself, and Rohgen said from the start they were messy....I will report back, either if I have some success or ask more questions. Thanks for your help so far.


Edit: Rohgen is currently trying to rework the uvs, so hopefully this will fix the last issues. :)

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