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Older Version of Gimp that works with dds and normal map plugins

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I got a new computer, and can't remember what version of gimp I was using.  I got the latest version, and the said plugins they said worked with this gimp.  Neither plugin worked and I can't find what I was using before.  Does anyone who uses gimp know what version works or has a link?

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Ok, I tried looking for older versions, and it looked like a bunch of stuff only developers/programmers would understand.  So I retraced my steps to get this to work with the latest version of gimp, the 3.0.1 dds plugin, went to save or "export" as we have to do now, and dds crashed.  I even had to copy all the dlls that had libgimp in the name into the plugin folder just to install the thing.  What am I missing?

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