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LODs for Sexy Azura Statue by Nikitaa?


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Having some trouble with getting the DynDOLOD to snap this one up, and probably all my titeeh statue mods, to generate LODs for them.  Defiantly most noticeable for Azura though.  Its just a Mesh and Texture, no BSA/ESP so the process outlined for DynDoLOD 1.49 doesn't catch it in TESVedit, cause it's not there to be caught.  Mara, Maridia and talos are sort of problems too, but Azura is without a doubt no good without a better LOD.


I can simply copy and paste the full size mesh and texture and supplant them into dyndolod, but they're significantly larger file sizes, obviously, and I don't quite know if that'll fly particularly well.

Didn't actually have a problem with them on v1.45, but after the eye spinning update process to 1.49 and all the other updates I've been doing, I can't seem to get this right.


Anyways, anyone know a good way or best way to handle this?


:EDIT: NVM.  Took way too long to figure out that the original mod wasn't following correct naming conventions.  Now that I've renamed the files it should pick it up.  Back to generating dynDOLOD for 4hrs or so... -_-;

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