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( help or share ressources for start anims blender )


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i will start create anims for skyrim , but no money for 3d max .


so i try with blender , but im a noob  :P no ressources


any have ressources ready for blender ? ( female - man - horse - giant - spider - chaurus reaper - chaurus hunter ) with genitals


or links for help and start


i take all lol  :dodgy:


litle help for one noobysh please ,  work fun just for me perhaps share if it goud and never $$


sory for my bad english i never use translator  :P

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I am likely more of a noob than you on this subject but I believe you can import the models (perhaps with some work) into Blender. The above link is a manual for the 2.77 blender. Read it over and just fool around with the features to get use to getting around the program. Then you can start with some videos on You tube for this and then get more detailed help from here as by then you would be pretty proficient in getting around Blender. It takes time however not tied down with monthly payments.


However 3dMax did have something for students and such if that applies to you. Cheaper if not free. Not sure just heard that is how some are getting their 3dMax.



Having prepared rigs are nice but learning at lest the basics will help you in the future if you ever decide you need to start working on something not rigged like a new creature animation or object animation.

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