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How do I transfer a body setup?

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Hey everyone,


I recently did a clean reinstall because my game was getting a bit too crashy. I've reinstalled all my lovely mods, with one problem.


I can't seem to get the body right, and I don't mean bodyslide or racemenu. The jiggles are all wrong now. For the first time in forever, I have "working" breast and butt collision, but it's more trouble than it's worth. I want my old jiggles back, what all needs to move from the old Data folder to the new one?


Please help a man get his perfect jiggly cyber tits back instead of these shape shifting, usually lopsided, and occasionally inside out, twitching... horrors.


Oh, it affects the butt too, which is also an important body part for maximum enjoyment. Please halp, and I will reward you with screenshots of the damsel you are saving.


If you need further information please let me know.

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data \ skse \ plugins \ hdtPhysicsExtensionsDefaultBBP.xml (and or the hdt.xml depending on how you had it setup).


That single xml contains the physic's for the breast, butt, and belly bones for the female body.


Find the one in your old data set (if you moved the folder complete before the rebuild) and copy/paste it into your rebuild.


You can find the path by looking into either the female head nif (if the head is pointed to the hdt path) or in the female body nif (as some body meshes are pointed to the hdt path) with nifscope (look for the string that says HDT Path and has a second line that points to the xml).



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Thank you, I moved the file over, and it did make a change, but the breasts and butt still retains collision.


Could re-installing TBBP over the current set up fix it? I don't need them colliding with her arms or themselves or whatever is caused them to twitch violently. To my understanding TBBP isn't true physics, but animation based yes? I've been using the CBBE HDT body for years, but it occurs to me I may have been seeing TBBP.

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Small update, I reinstalled Dragonfly TBBP over it, and it helped a little, I switched to CBBE TBBP and it helped a little more initially, but just about all bounce and movement is gone. I changed the body back to CBBE HDT and I keep having the breasts and butt flipping inside out and laying lopsided.


Anyone have any suggestions?



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