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Start a script when game starts?

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So I wasn't able to find much on this. the only mod I found also that was an edit of the main menu, is a plugin.dll for skse.

Is there a way to script in papyrus that will results when you are in the main menu.

I know OnInit loads once in game.

Is there something like that that will load once the game starts?


PS: Sorry for asking soo many questions recently.

I am new to modding and trying to figure stuff out :)

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Use "RegisterForMenu("Journal Menu")" or "RegisterForMenu("Main Menu")" (not sure of what kind of menu you wanna track)

And then do what you want on the event Event OnMenuOpen(string menuName)

Check UI.psc file from SKSE:
; "InventoryMenu"
; "Console"
; "Dialogue Menu"
; "HUD Menu"
; "Main Menu"
; "MessageBoxMenu"
; "Cursor Menu"
; "Fader Menu"
; "MagicMenu"
; "Top Menu"
; "Overlay Menu"
; "Overlay Interaction Menu"
; "Loading Menu"
; "TweenMenu"
; "BarterMenu"
; "GiftMenu"
; "Debug Text Menu"
; "MapMenu"
; "Lockpicking Menu"
; "Quantity Menu"
; "StatsMenu"
; "ContainerMenu"
; "Sleep/Wait Menu"
; "LevelUp Menu"
; "Journal Menu"
; "Book Menu"
; "FavoritesMenu"
; "RaceSex Menu"
; "Crafting Menu"
; "Training Menu"
; "Mist Menu"
; "Tutorial Menu"
; "Credits Menu"
; "TitleSequence Menu"
; "Console Native UI Menu"
; "Kinect Menu"
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Starting 1 compile threads for 1 files...
Compiling "SkyLogin"...
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim\Data\Scripts\Source\SkyLogin.psc(6,17): extraneous input '"Main Menu"' expecting RPAREN
No output generated for SkyLogin.psc, compilation failed.

Batch compile of 1 files finished. 0 succeeded, 1 failed.
Failed on SkyLogin.psc
[Finished in 0.6s with exit code -1]

also how would I attach the script? would I put it on an object or something in game?

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NVM Figured it out haha

Just need to know how to attach it

Also Main Menu doesnt trigger at the main menu apparently. do you know if a different menu works on the start menu?

Or should I be initializing it with something besides OnInit?

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Register for ALL menus I listed, and use a simple event like:

Event OnMenuOpen(String theMenu)

  debug.trace("Menu open is: " + theMenu)



Then try to open the menu you want, and check your papyrus log to see its actual name.

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I checked all the logs in the logs/script folder and none have any messages related to the script


Yeah I don't think you can script the main menu with papyrus.

I ran the script in game and it ran on every menu but the main  menu

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YES Figured out how to do it!.

Also here is a video of what Ive done :)



That is looking fucking AWESOME!

I don't think it can be useful if you just play alone (user/password) but the list of saves like that is way better.


I think you are really skilled in doing SWF files and integrate them in Skyrim.



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Ok so new question... sorry I'm full of them


I was looking at the UI Invoke values.

I was wondering if you knew how to invoke data to be passed to actionscript.

There is no documentation on the website from what I can see.

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so I have been doing a lot of research on creating skse extensions.

It really empowers your abilities with modding... like good god.

anyways been making a server for the login system I made in c++ gonna redo the whole thing as a skse extension with a server to communicate with.

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