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Purple body texture


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If you use Mod Organizer check if there are conflicts. If you don't, reinstall the textures you were using for the hair and body. Another possible cause is that your video card ram may have maxed out though symptoms of that usually are black textures not purple. But as previous posters have mentioned, purple models are almost exclusively the sign of missing textures. 

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Hmm have you went back and looked at its page on nexus? I looked and someone else seems to be having that same issue with the demoniac skin texture. The author said this:

I've done almost everything I can think to reproduce that blue body bug, But still have no achievement. :(

As I known, memory shortage is the only thing which could occur that kind of issue - missing texture bug.
So I think..you should check your SKSE setting, ENB setting whether Its memory patches are working well.


Someone else also said this:

i have same problem when i uninstall tattoo mod, load my old preset, body turns blue. Then i remove tattoo from make up tab (racemenu mod), everything back to normal


It definitely has something to do with that skin texture maybe just try another one...also are you using mod organizer?


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I've had the purple textures thing happen to me with cloaks in my game i completely uninstalled the mod, redownloaded and installed fresh and it fixed it. Maybe your using Mod organizer and you just right clicked and then clicked reinstall. If thats the case completely unistall then reinstall and see if it works.

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