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The start would have been much better this way


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Player could have been on a space station or a small station with some kind of computer and an observation port when they woke up. Player would have been part of some early space program and was put into cryogen by accident while sleeping. When the player woke up they could have known their family was supposed to be in a vault during a crisis so after reviewing the computer and finding out what the hell happened, the audience (thats us) could have been treated to an overview of a nuked earth and they could have left a few spots untouched to hint at some later locations or addons blah blah. The next step would be to take the escape capsule down to earth with a pre programmed course for some military base or space agency base then make your way to sanctuary and find your spouse dead and a video on a computer of what happened.


Oh and while on the little station there could be a view in the distance of some larger station far away that could be another place to go later on.

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