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Change all races mod?


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Each Non Player Character is set to a race in the esp / esm they are created from.

You would need an overwrite esp that changes all the NPC's to one race....have fun with that cause you would need to do it for each esp / esm that add's and npc to the game.


Facial features are handled in the tri files for the heads (male and female).

I haven't looked to see if each race has a tri file though (never really thought about it).


I have no idea what you want to do but.... its going to be a PITA I'm guessing.

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No what im trying to do is make a japanese ovehaul mod that changes skyrim to feudal japan. I want to easily be able to make npcs look asian through least amount of effort. If i can make 1, 2 or 3 male and female presets and just have them be used or just 1 for each race ill be happy. Then i need to convert all of the clothes/0armors to kimonos and samurai/ninja gear. I'm sick and tired of having no feudal japan game like skyrim...

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