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[REQ] [WIP] help with Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 Alucard and Victor Belmont Voiced followers.

M. walter

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Greetings all I have been trying too create custom voiced followers of Alucard and Victor Belmont for Lords of Shadow 2, here links from the steam workshop.






at first i though i succeeded at my goal only to find out they conflict with one another causing  me too build them from the ground up with brand new scripts but alas even that didn't work as they are incompatible with follower mods that increase how much you can have and it won't let you recruit other custom voiced followers, so my last hope is can somebody please help me with this am currently on my third build with mods and it looks like they will need a custom follower framework but i have no idea what to do, Even with the tutorial  for a custom framework My CK just crashes so will anybody be willing too help me with this task either post here or pm me and i will send all  required files, I really want too create a great mod people can enjoy.

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