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It's hard to say which one is the best because the tastes are very different but I would say that the best mod is one that contains less dependencies, that is not heavy scripted and it's regularly updated and bug fixed. :)

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So for the adult mods like the pregnancy, sex/rape and bestiality theres are so many which ones are best?


Many of them are good. But it really depends on your sexual preferences.


Just some random indication (modders please don't blame me if I didn't mention your mod)


* BSDM: Zaz, Devious Devices, Maria Eden

* Quest and dialogues: sexlab solution, JUGs

* random: scent of sex and slen

* combat: defeat and death alternative

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'Best' is also hard to say because several mods play nicely together. For example, Defeat can be used with quite everything, just watch certain settings.


For BDSM i'd recommend Cursed Loot instead of Maria eden which is problematic in several cases and both versions, but it has an option fpr combat which should be deactivated when using defeat.


Quests and Dialogues: There are a lot of good mods, i'd recommend slaverun reloaded (very long) and Get Stripped! Again! (short, but unique, funny, and high replay factor, 7 different endings). Isle of Mara is a gay mod which can be played as female either, quite long and it has the best story imho except maybe trapped in rubber, which doesn't include much sex though. Some players reported problems while playing Ilse of Mara, but i didn't have any.


Bestiality: Beside defeat, there is Animal Mansion Plus (i can recommend only the plus version) which has some questline as well as bestial essence and untamed which is partly made to play without armor, provides some great buffs, might be overpowered if you don't play naked.


Pregnancy: Really hard to say, depends very much on your tastes. They aren't incompatible to each other either, Estrus Chaurus and Beeing female for exapmle plays very nice together, Soul gem Oven should work with both of them, but never tried all three at once. Don't know about Hentai pregnancy. If you want to collect some alchemy ingredients, you can add egg factory.


All those are quite stable and more or less bug free, if you don't care to load an older save or start a new game, look around and try more.



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