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Making my Skyrim more stable :(


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Hello, could you please take a look at the attatched modlist and load order and help me to get Skyrim run without me worrying about it crashing all the time. I can get rid of some addons / start from beggining of the game. Just help me a bit because the crashes on load or after sex are killing me.




I screenshoted all the active mods, and the load order, the error triangle appaers to be connected to fins generated file, but when i deleted the overide content all the animations were gone. Im aware that im using never version of paradise halls than sex addon supports but crashes heppened even before i installed it.


If you have any idead how to fix the crashing issues, please let me know. I can change mods too, the only one im [raticularly interested in are foxy skyrim which makes woman more attractive, npc body scale randomizer (for having some kind of body variation though if you know any good plugin that allows to have havied naked body assigned to npc please let me know), pregnancy, childbirth, defeat, sos and paradise hall is a must though i could do with a different slave mod.


Can you help me please?

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Guest MonsterFish


Alternate start should NOT be at the top of your ESP list.

Error triangles are missing meshes. Not missing animations. Oh what you mean the yellow error triangle on the top-right of MO. That's nothing, you can safely ignore it.

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Ok, so the basic rules of modding Skyrim:
- !!!Read the mod description pages carefully!!! They tell you all you need to know about the mod, what it does, the requirements, incompatibilities, traps at installation, ...
- Use the most up-to-date files that are possible. You may wait some time for patches to catch up, but you should try to keep mods as up-to-date as possible
- I don't see any SKSE data folder within your mod file list. Watch this SKSE installation tutorial to learn how to install SKSE with MO properly.
- I also highly recommend to work your way through S.T.E.P. until you've finished at least the section "2.E Interface". Better would be doing the whole STEP:Core setup (the green marked mods). And do read the descriptions about how to install the mods!
- Then you should have included RaceMenu, which brings a built-in body randomizer.
- ALWAYS use the most up-to-date skeleton and NEVER let anything overwrite it. You have XPMS v1.93 installed, while XPMSE v3.84 is the latest one.
- Take care of your loadorder, best use LOOT for a good basic sorting, though you may/should tweak it sometimes by hand (eg. Sisterhood of Dibella will be placed too high by LOOT)
- For your mod file order, this is more tricky, but a basic rule could be: Let requirements get overwritten by the mods demanding them. Except of your skeleton. Eg: Cursed Loot mod files should overwrite DDi files in case of file collision.
- Do NOT ignore the triangle as a whole, check what it tells you. Missing masters are bad, files in your Overwrite folder normally are harmless. It also may tell you how to rearrange your mod file list, though this feature still is Beta and only should be used with care.

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