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Windows 10 Game DVR

Guest Mogie56

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Guest Mogie56

This is for anyone that may not already know about the Windows 10 built-in Game DVR, part of the xbox app.

It acts like FRAPS in that you can record footage within any game you play on your PC. Also take Screenshots.


Windows logo key + G: Open Game bar (small 3" bar that fades)
Windows logo key + Alt + G: Record the last 30 seconds (you can change the amount of time recorded in Game bar > Settings)
Windows logo key + Alt + R: Start/stop recording
Windows logo key + Alt + Print Screen: Take a screenshot of your game
Windows logo key + Alt + T: Show/hide recording timer
You also have the option to add your own shortcuts. To do that, open the Xbox app and go to Settings > Game DVR > Keyboard shortcuts.
the only problem is when an action within a game is done with the "ALT" key like throwing grenades in Fallout 4. which would have to be set to a different key, otherwise every time you take a screenshot or record footage you throw a grenade. 
Just thought this might be of use to anyone not wanting to use FRAPS etc.
I did a search for this topic but found nothing on LL, if I missed it somehow a Moderator can delete this topic.
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