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HDT physics not displaying in game


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Ok so I have spent about 3 weeks on a model trying to figure out the havok content tools ragdoll system.

Finally figured it out ... YAY!

but now I can't seem to get it to show up in game.All the pieces I rigged are just sitting on the floor or lower .

also no physics are being applied to them where they are.

Is this a common issue that can be easily fixed or is there something wrong with my rig ? I was hoping i could just update the xml. but over all I just want to get it to work.


Here is a screenshot of my load order


and here is a screenshot of the nif's havok path which is the same as the path it is in.

both the xml and the model are in the same directory


I understand it is a very complex rig but it was what I wanted to make.

Am I going outside the bounds of what havok can handel?

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