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Some ideas I had. Let's have a discussion.


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Hey y'all, so just to be clear, this is my first post and understand that this idea will not come to fruition until the ck, a sexlab framework, and a animation plugin are all a reality. I came up with some ideas and I just wanted to put them out on the forums to try and generate a dialogue, mostly to help inspire myself and other. As well as, just trying to get some feedback on some of the ideas and approaches I plan on taking. Sorry for anyone that has trouble understanding me, English is my first language, unfortunately it still eludes me.


So I had a idea that u thought would be pretty fun and it adds some work arounds for some of the problems we are facing going into quest mods and voice acting. I think that we can utilize the memory den as a cool work around for voice acting and our newly voiced protagonists. The way I see it is this, if a person steps into a memory den simulated then he or she would be stepping into another persons memories and then they would see themselves (body and face meshes) differently as well as their voice (voice acting) being substantially different. So you could eventually create a quest mod that takes place in a different time, place, and have a different voice actor play the protagonist.


Example: One of the ideas I had was that you could utilize the prewar and institute assets to create a new pre war world space. As the player you would step into a memory pod and be transported to that world space. There can be multiple quests that unfold and then at the end the player can get out of the pod and continue their normal play through.


The next idea that I had was about how we can use the dialogue system to create a more natural sexual experience. This one is a little harder for me to explain. So the way that the new dialogue system works is a much more cinematic way, I am hoping that once the ck drops we can start digging into how it breaks down and how the camera system works. But it seams that when you set up dialogues you can establish a few cameras that cycle through as your characters exchange dialogue. So I am hoping that we can play sexual animations and have it change as we select different dialogue options. So with a mix of dialogue based position change and a a multiple camera angle system we can create much more fun, realistic, and cinematic experience for our adult mods.


I have a bunch of ideas and would love to hear feedback and discussion about some of these ideas.

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Prewar Settlements does a good job exploring the possibilities for the first idea. 

The question remains how well can the post- and pre-war be separated so you don't have deathclaws and such attacking the pre-war world.


For the camera ... This is mostly a question of preferences. For example I consider the cinematic dialogue a "cut-scene" that breaks the dynamic of the gameplay and has no place in an "open-world" game. And force-switching from 1st person to 3rd person view... But I guess most people enjoy it. However it is safe to assume that for their second and third and so on play-troughs most people will use mods like  Subjective Cinematic Dialogue Camera and one of the "silent protagonist" mods. By this I mean that most probably in several months in most people's games there will be almost nothing left from the new dialogue stuff. This in order to make the game actually re-playable in some kind of a role-playing manner. 

I guess the question is if introducing a cut-scene approach to the sex animations can work. Judging by Skyrim it will probably not work, as people have sex in all kind of places. It is simply impossible to predict all the best camera positions (except close-ups)  in a house, on a bed, in a bus or trailer and so on. You might end up with shots switching from showing a wall to showing a part of a chair and so on... You might have situations where the sex scene starts in a corner of a room. But which corner? How to position the camera in a way to always show the scene?

And also it seems people prefer to be in control of their virtual porn :-) I remember several months ago I spotted a tool that allows Skyrim modders to create cut-scenes in their mods. But I've never seen a mod that uses it. Most people simply don't want any cut-scenes in their "open world" games and the forced hijacked camera control.

About the PC voice - even for the small minority that will keep playing with the PC voice on switching to "silent mods" will not be a problem - again judging by Skyrim where there are lots of mods with unvoiced dialogue. 


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So for the first idea I was just using the whole pre war thing as a small example of how we as modders can establish a scenario where we could change the voice acting. I agree that most people will probably steer away from a voiced protagonist using mods. I personally enjoy having the player character speak, blasphemy I know. But I am writing stories based around the memory den as ways of telling stories, not just pre war times but events that can occur in other places and other times in the fallout universe. A female character that is hooked on jet and has to go through the struggle of selling her body to pay for her addiction, getting gradually more degrading and humiliating as she is for deeper down the rabbit hole. Maybe a male character that has risen to power in a raider gang and the moral choices he makes along the way. From a role playing aspect a voiced protagonist sucks but if I use this method I can find a way to tell a deep and emotional story without being limited to using the lines that Bethesda has already put into our character. I was just offering up a solution to the problem of quest mods with a voiced player character.


As for sex through dialogue, I agree whole heartedly that it is just not going to work for our normal sex, rape, defeat style mods. If you want to just fuck a person right in the middle of diamond city, then this will most certainly be a nightmare. But if you are doing a scripted scene in the middle of a quest mod then it can make for a pretty cool mechanic to add to our arsenal. I just imagine some really in depth and cool cinematic style sex scenes. It also gives us a framework to change animations in the middle of sex organically and in a fun way that makes sense. Your a female character and someone is giving it to you from behind, the animation plays for a little while playing from a few different angles and you can choose "fuck me harder." The animation can then change to a rougher animation and play through that scene for a little while. Maybe you decide to say "flip me over" and then he flips you over and changes position. When I comes time to cum you get the choice, "cum on my face" "on my tits" "shoot your load inside me." I just thought that it could be a new way that we can use the mechanics that seem to already be present in the game to make a new generation of adult quest mods. I am most certainly not suggesting that we change the framework whatsoever, just offering up a new thought on the subject.

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