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Hardrive Formatting .


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Now Then People Im Looking To Reformat A New Drive I Have Now The Question I Have Is After You Create A Partition Can

You Reformat Just That Side Of The Partition Or Do Have To Reformat The Complete Drive .....

Basically I Want To Create A Partition So I Can Have One Side Of It To Store Game Files & The Other Side To Install Games ,

Is This Possible ?

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This is pretty easy one windows 7, open


Control Panel

Computer Management


Select the drive you want the partion on, right click on it then choose shrink drive, that should allow you to choose the size you want the drive to be, after doing that and letting it finish, choose the new free space and create a new ermm, think its logical drive or extended drive not sure which, it should be easy enough to find out though, after waiting a bit when you sort it out you should then have in effect 2 drives, you will need to only format the new one though as the previous one should still be working.


Windows should assign a new drive letter to it though it may well not be what you want it to be, but the drive letter can be changed, normally I would put the cd/dvd rom drive as drive letter Z so its always the last drive in the list.

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