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Autolink Files for Totally Nude Game


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Hello, it's been a while since I "created" anything for this game, so I thought I'd share my latest work. It is now possible, through the bit sorcery of the magnificent Autolink, to have your game be completely clothing free by default, meaning that you can play Arcade mode or pick random fighters all day and they will always be naked. :)


BIG DISCLAIMER: The mods contained are not my creations, but they are all freely available on this forum, so I hope it's ok that I have compiled them all into one package. If you are the creator of any of these mods and you don't want them distributed as I have done, then please PM me and I'll take them out.


The mods I have put together for this little project are Saafrats' H-LOD females, xoDOAox's flaccid males, and timmyc's Raidu and Genfu mods. A huuuuuge thanks to the three of you for giving us all some of the most awesome DOA mods to date.


What I have done is the relatively painstaking and monotonous work of adding the mods to each character's Autolink folder, and then setting those mods as the default for ALL BASIC costumes of each character. For this to work in your game as intended, you should not have ANY dlc except for Naotora (445260) referenced in your ini file or any of those extra costumes can be chosen and they might not be naked, defeating the purpose of this file pack.


To install, just download and install Autolink into your game, then copy the Autolink folder and the AutoLink000 file into your game directory. You will then have it set up so that a nude mod is the default for all characters in the game!


A BIG thanks to tastefultoy for explaining how the default costume works in Autolink and for making the directory structure for all characters.


Known issues:

-Since this replaces ALL the base costumes for every character, there are a few that have hair that is made for hats and will look bad without said hats. I'm going to try to find a solution for this, as it bugs me as well that this isn't still "perfect", lol.

-These might not be YOUR favorite nude mods, but they are mine and I made the pack, so there. :P Besides, it is not that hard to replace what you don't like with something more to your taste.


The files:


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