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Looking for geeky subscription box


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Hi all!


Im looking into getting another subscription box to replace LootCrate (Heard they gone abit downhill recently also id like to give something new a try)


My budget for said crate is £20~ ($30)


As for the contents.


Majorly preferred - Pop Vinyls, Shirts & Accessories!!!

Least preferred - Comics, posters stickers etc. (I just find em cheap & disappointing (Besides comics, not my thing comics))



Oh and my most prefered themes are


Fantasy (Legend of Zelda, Elder Scrolls, Lotr/Hobbit)

Sci-Fi (Just StarWars and bits of Trek)


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Guest MonsterFish

Don't buy subscriptions boxes. They're cheap cash ins that cost way more than the stuff inside them.

Buy something more useful instead.

As shown here

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