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SOS Light High Res Skin?

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So I've been searching through these forums, and Google, and Nexus, and everywhere. I use SOS Light because I don't want all the extra stuff of regular SOS or SAM cluttering up my game. SOS Light does everything I need just perfectly, without causing unnecessary burdens on my load. HOWEVER, I cannot for the life of me find a good, high-res skin that works with SOS Light. Because the skins out there for SOS do not since for some reason the 'boy parts' of SOS Light are in a different place. I have attempted to convert a skin, but it was a miserable failure since I have no knowledge of such things and it ended up a total mess after many hours of frustration.


Does anyone out there have a good, high-res skin for SOS Light that I'm missing? Or could anyone walk me through how to possible get some skin out there to work with SOS Light? Any assistance would be highly appreciated. :-)

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