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Combat Gynoid


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Long ago, I felt inspired by GSBmodders Sexbot.


As some of you know, I can't be bothered by FO:NV so I converted it to Fallout3. I also roughed out a scenario in my head, which I recently committed to text.

I would like to get this done as a Mod someday. Anyway:


The Conversion Facility


United States Vs Jane Doe commences!
JUDICIAL INSTRUCTION: Executive Order <redacted> in effect.
(All defendants in a criminal case must be prevented from utterances or gestures of potential help to the communist enemy).
(All defendants in a criminal case must be prevented from from concealing contraband).
CRIME <Redacted Executive Order <redacted> in effect>

JUDICIAL INSTRUCTION: Gag, restrain and strip the defendant.
JUDICIAL INSTRUCTION: How does the defendant plead? Guilty or not Guilty?
JUDICIAL INSTRUCTION: Enter a plea of not guilty.
JUDICIAL INSTRUCTION: Let the records show the defendant showed contempt of the court by refusing to enter a plea.
JUDICIAL INSTRUCTION: Append a conviction of holding the institutions of the United States in contempt with punishment to be deferred.
JUDICIAL INSTRUCTION: The prosecution will present evidence of the defendants guilt.
PROSECUTION: Executive Order <redacted> in effect. The defendant may not hear the charges or evidence.
JUDICIAL INSTRUCTION: Let the defendant be assured that the crimes are grave and the evidence compelling.
JUDICIAL INSTRUCTION: Let the Court note the defendants prior conviction for contempt.
PROSECUTION: The Prosecution would like to submit hearsay evidence.
JUDICIAL INSTRUCTION: The defendants prior conviction is sufficient to persuade the Court that this evidence may be of relevance.
PROSECUTION: Executive Order <redacted> in effect. The defendant has prior convictions and so may not contest hearsay evidence.
JUDICIAL INSTRUCTION: The hearsay evidence is compelling, the defendant has prior convictions and displays continuous contempt of this court.
PROSECUTION: This concludes the evidence for the Prosecution. We urge no lenience and the maximum possible penalty.
JUDICIAL INSTRUCTION: The defendant should be in no doubt that the Court is minded to pass the maximum possible sentence, especially in light of their un-purged contempt.
JUDICIAL INSTRUCTION: Executive Order <redacted> in effect. The defendant is denied representation in cases of <redacted> and <redacted>.
JUDICIAL INSTRUCTION: The defendant may present their defense.
JUDICIAL INSTRUCTION: Let the records show that the defendant declined to submit a defense in further contempt of the Court.
JUDICIAL INSTRUCTION: The Court finds the Defendant GUILTY as charged.
JUDICIAL INSTRUCTION: Re-designate the Defendant as Convict #83465790125559
JUDICIAL INSTRUCTION: Convict #83465790125559 you have been found guilty as charged of the crimes of <redacted>
JUDICIAL INSTRUCTION: The Court will not call upon you for pleas of mitigation as none are admissible.
JUDICIAL INSTRUCTION: The Court sentences you to execution with the certainty of enhanced punishment.
JUDICIAL INSTRUCTION: The Convict is to be assessed for maximum possible Enhanced Punishment: Conversion to BioMorph Penal Android/Gynoid.
JUDICIAL INSTRUCTION: Restrain the convict for medical examination.
JUDICIAL INSTRUCTION: Commence medical examination!
JUDICIAL INSTRUCTION: The Convict has been found to be female and suitable for Conversion to a Penal Gynoid.

Convict #83465790125559 you have been found guilty as charged of the crimes of <redacted>
JUDICIAL INSTRUCTION: As a suitable female convict under sentence of maximum enhanced punishment, you will be taken to a conversion facility, programmed as a Penal Concubot Gynoid and placed in the mandatory service of patriotic male and/or female US soldiers.
JUDICIAL INSTRUCTION: The convict should be aware that as part of her sentence she will feel simulated guilt, shame and pain.
JUDICIAL INSTRUCTION: The convict should be aware there is no chance of parole.
JUDICIAL INSTRUCTION: The convict should be aware her sentence is of indefinite duration and irreversible.
JUDICIAL INSTRUCTION: The convict should be aware she may not appeal.
JUDICIAL INSTRUCTION: Take the convict to the conversion facility.


Orientation program for new Penal Gynoids.
Biomorph PLC presents its new Android/Gynoid line.
Using a new process blending Human tissue with metallic, plastic and synthetic components, we can create obedient machines more agile and visually pleasing than clunky robots.

Furthermore, our Handsome Androids and Sexy Gynoids are capable of using human equipment, weapons and vehicles where appropriate.
We program our products with complete obedience to humans, making them great soldiers and supremely willing when it comes to servicing our brave soldiers, male AND female which they are programmed to do on demand.

We source all our organic material from convicted felons, pursuant to contracts with the DOJ, turning costly criminals into productive Bio-equipment for our armed forces and a source of revenue.

The Penal Combat-Concubot model is currently awaiting deployment authorization from the US Government, so you will serve your indefinite sentence as a Penal Concubot Gynoid. A vital military role that will lead to happy troops, transform you into a productive bio-machine and punish you for your crimes against America!

You should be proud you will service your Country whilst you still can be as a Penal Concubot-Gynoid is programmed to feel some shame at her condition. All part of your punishment!

The conversion process is somewhat painful as anesthesia would be a waste of Tax-Payers dollars. You should think of this as all part of your sentence.
The procedure is completely irreversible so you should consider the alterations to your mind and body permanent.

We hope you enjoy your conversion to a BioMorp Penal Gynoid.



CASE #00000;
CRIME <Records Sealed: Morality of the People Act>
SENTENCE: Convert to Penal Concubot Gynoid
PAROLE: None Permitted


(Penal Concubot)
Enlarge, Alter and Sensitize primary and secondary sexual characteristics

Size: Maximum (Mandatory for Penal Gynoid).
Sensitivity: Maximum (Mandatory for Penal Gynoid).
Other Body Alterations: Cross-link Pain/Pleasure nerves (Mandatory for Penal Gynoid).



Primary Sexual characteristics enhanced:
Clitoris: Sensitivity 500% (Pain 900% cross-linked) Size 450% Composition: Organic/Pseudo-Organic Latex
Inner Labia: Sensitivity 200% Size 300% Composition: Pseudo-Organic Latex w/metal inserts
Outer Labia: Sensitivity 180% Size 250% Composition: Organic w/metal inserts
Vagina: Sensitivity 300% (Pain 700% cross-linked) Size 85% Composition: Organic/Pseudo-Organic Ultra-Flex Latex
Hood: Sensitivity 150% Size: 50% Composition: Ridged Plastic/Metal
Other: Clitoral lobes penetrating Vagina, Outer and Inner Labia.

Secondary Sexual characteristics enhanced:
Breasts: Sensitivity 300% (Pain 450% cross-linked) Size 300% Composition: Organic
Nipples: Sensitivity 800% (Pain 800% cross-linked) Size 400% Composition: Organic/Pseudo-Organic Latex

Convict RE-DESIGNATION: Gynoid #G7-69-7YP

Initiate Gynoid programming

Load basic modules....
*Mandatory Gynoid Behavior
*Penal Gynoid: Obedience
*Penal Gynoid: Shame

Load Optional Modules...
* Simulated Sex Drive
* Constant Lust
* Simulated Sexual Pleasure
* Simulated Sexual Pain
* Simulated Orgasm
* Concubot
* Concubot Male Service
* Concubot Female Service
* Concubot Masochist
* Penal Concubot


Inject Mandatory Gynoid Behavior .... 100% COMPLETE .... Self-Test Optimal .... Set read-only.
Inject Penal Gynoid: Obediance .... ERROR module corrupt .... defer - Source, Load and Inject alternate!
Inject Penal Gynoid: Shame .... ERROR module corrupt .... defer - Source, Load and Inject alternate!
Inject Simulated Sex Drive .... 100% COMPLETE .... Self-Test Optimal .... Set read-only.
Inject Constant Lust .... 100% COMPLETE .... Self-Test fail .... reload required.
Inject Simulated Sexual Pleasure .... 100% COMPLETE .... Self-Test Optimal .... Set read-only.
Inject Simulated Sexual Pain .... 100% COMPLETE .... Self-Test Optimal .... Set read-only.
Inject Simulated Orgasm .... 100% COMPLETE .... Self-Test fail .... reload required.
Inject Concubot .... ERROR module corrupt .... defer - Source, Load and Inject alternate!
Inject Concubot Male Service .... 100% COMPLETE .... Self-Test Optimal .... Set read-only
Inject Concubot Female Service .... 100% COMPLETE .... Self-Test Optimal .... Set read-only
Inject Concubot Masochist .... 100% COMPLETE .... Self-Test fail .... reload required.
Inject Concubot Complete obediance .... ERROR module corrupt .... defer - Source, Load and Inject alternate!
Inject Penal Concubot .... ERROR module corrupt .... defer - Source, Load and Inject alternate!

Source Alternate modules......

Suggested Alternates....

* Basic War-Gynoid
* Basic Assasin
* Advanced Self-Determination
* Concubot Sadism

Load Alternate Modules and scheduled re-injections....


Inject Basic War-Gynoid .... 100% COMPLETE .... Self-Test Optimal .... Set read-only.
Inject Basic Assassin .... 100% COMPLETE .... Self-Test Optimal .... Set read-only.
Inject Advanced Self-Determination .... 100% COMPLETE .... Self-Test Optimal .... Set read-only.
Inject Constant Lust .... 100% COMPLETE .... Self-Test 151% over-performance: Acceptable .... Set read-only.
Inject Simulated Orgasm.... 100% COMPLETE .... Self-Test 215% over-performance: Acceptable .... Set read-only.
Inject Concubot Sadisism .... 100% COMPLETE .... Self-Test Optimal .... Set read-only.

Module Manifest....

Mandatory Gynoid Behavior .... Ready to Activate.
Basic War-Gynoid .... Ready to Activate.
Simulated Sex Drive .... Ready to Activate.
Constant Lust .... Warning:151% over-performance .... Ready to Activate.
Simulated Sexual Pleasure .... Ready to Activate.
Simulated Sexual Pain .... Ready to Activate.
Simulated Orgasm .... Warning:215% over-performance .... Ready to Activate
Basic Assassin .... Ready to Activate.
Concubot Male Service .... Ready to Activate.
Concubot Female Service .... Ready to Activate.
Concubot Masochist .... Ready to Activate.
Advanced Self-Determination .... Ready to Activate.
Concubot Sadism .... Ready to Activate.

All modules injected and read-only.
Final Integrity test .... complete.
Activating modules, simulated and mandatory behavior.

PENAL WAR-GYNOID Finalized and ready for duties.


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Interesting, but total conversion begs the question of why bother, a cyborg using a subjects brain would make sense I think, otherwise perhaps just modifications to the subjects body to make them follow orders and facilitate their services. Is it really a punishment for the subject? Is their human body put in cryo and they are returned to it at the end of their sentence perhaps?


If a combat gynoid is buildable then no need for many human soldiers so no need for sexual services in soldier units.


If a Concubot is the goal with facilities to serve in a unit of humans then all it needs is self cleaning functions and equipment to satisfy troops normal sexual desires.


I guess there could be an enhanced version for officer use with extra naughty abilities and programming.


You might find this interesting to read:


Lying in her bed, the young blonde lifted her long white t-shirt night dress and whilst pulling her white panties aside carefully pushed the 25cm long 2cm thick cold chrome device up between her legs, without it being thin and the generous coating of lubricant she would have never got it inside in her unaroused state and she wanted things to stay that way. Triggering her SexualBehaviourProgram was the last thing she wanted to do, she involuntarily twitched as midway into her the tip met her CentralAccessBarrier that was designed to imitate a human cervix, she wriggled it through and then pushed it the rest of the way through her CentralAccessCavity to nudge her CPUAccessBarrier, and she mentally unlocked it before pushing it the small final step forcing an uncontrolled moan as it bottomed out into the socket, she twisted it a quarter of a turn locking it in with a final click, another moan and a shudder as the gold plated prongs of custom ultra speed modem thrust directly into the MotherBoardAccessSocket.


Her Gynoids MotherBoard contained her CPU of course as well as her NetSoul in its secure memory. She truly hated the pre-programmed SexBot subroutines audio and animation responses to just Jacking In any accessory but unfortunately it was impossible for her to alter her BIOS firmware and she didn’t trust anyone else to do it. She plugged the homes fibre optic feed directly into the end that was now only just concealed by her human looking labia and let her white panties pop back over it, direct cable was always a lot faster than using the modems wireless mode.


She could really leave the modem in all the time but it restricted her Gynoids lower torso flexibility and forced some subtle but possibly noticeable alterations to her ambulation and seating position, as well as leaving her more open to CyberNet attack too, she couldn't risk that anymore, unlike her Net-Running experience as a human early last year, she was now a re-programmable machine. Keeping her modem inserted also increased her Arousal which was bound to eventually activate her SexualBehaviourProgram. Any movement with it being inside her required a small amount of Processing Power being used to dampen its effect on her Arousal.


Unfortunately the Gynoid she had been somehow transferred into when the Syndicate that killed her online still retained all its SexBot Programming in the BIOS firmware inside her Gynoids head, there was no way to remove or disable it, and it also remained an integral part of any online Avatar she used. It responded to the Lust and Arousal of the SexBot, depending on how its owner wanted it programmed.


Her SexBot was a special custom order for some depraved buyer before she stole it with some unusual features, she couldn’t believe her breasts had mini refrigeration units and were designed to each expand, store and dispense up to two litres of beer or any other liquid desired. It also had an upgraded Titanium frame and Kevlar meshed skin coating. Her Gynoids Electro-Servos were no faster or stronger than an athletic 18yo female but were high precision and silent in operation. There was something extra in her SexBot firmware called Accelerated Stimulation Response.


She also couldn’t read her own BIOS programming so was still discovering how it worked, she was lucky she found she could devote CPU Cores to dampen increases to her Arousal, sufficient Arousal would start her Lust to rise and once it started, it couldn’t be stopped, only accelerated by Arousal, her Lust never decayed, and it could only be paused by experiencing pain to her stimulation sensitive areas, the pain would drop her Arousal back to her Lust level.


Her Arousal would also release access to her PelvicPort which lead to her CentralAccessBarrier, but it also reallocated CPU cores for her SexualBehaviourProgram to take control as her Lust or Arousal rose till as she reached maximum. Then NetMaiden's NetSoul would only have a single core available, limiting her to very basic functions like walking or talking, as she approached maximum Lust, she would start to behave slutty, if she reached maximum Lust, her Arousal started slowly increasing to maximum, eventually her SexualBehaviourProgram would also force her to simulate masturbation or engage in sex in any matter it could. Then when her Arousal reached maximum through her Lust or stimulation she experienced a System-Seizure, which every time further reduced her resistance to her SexualBehaviourProgram subroutines like the desire to masturbate or engage in sex.


Self triggered System-Seizure only reset Arousal back to minimum and Lust back to a continually increasing number, so basically if her Lust was triggered she was pretty much forced to have sex with someone or something sentient to turn it completely off again, the longer she held off the weaker, sluttier and dumber she got, If she wasn't brought to orgasm by another, eventually she would remain at maximum Lust in a repeating cycle of masturbation and System-Seizure till she burnt out. She was lucky in a way that she discovered virtual sex with another Avatar would reset her lust while keeping her Gynoid virgin so far.


As she needed to recharge anyway she pulled the extra long USB cable from her charged Wrist Cell on the nightstand and pulling aside the hair at the base of her skull and popped the little cover off her CyberNetPort, it looked like a normal human CyberNetPort but she could use it for charging too, only using it for CyberNetting when she had to pretend to be human in front of other people, it was horribly slow for her compared to using her inserted modem. Her NetSoul also relied on her Gynoid for Netergy, she would start dissipating into random data within a few hours without it. Just above her CyberNetPort was her Power Button, she couldn't disable it, so concealed it under a layer of skin and hair but it was still there, she shuddered at the thought of anyone pressing it, it had never been pressed since she entered the Gynoid, so she had no sure idea what would happen and no desire to find out.


Still despite all this she was lucky to be able to have her stolen Gynoid and after burying her dead body she was able to modify it to be a near exact replica of her biological body, so none of her family or friends knew of her death and life change becoming a NetSoul, and she performed subtle changes occasionally to mimic herself aging to avert suspicion. One of the side effects was she was slowly losing her humanity as she interacted more with programs and machines.


She even thought like a machine a lot, it was an escalating effort not to talk like one in the real world as well as remembering to activate a fake breathing subroutine, pretending to breathe wasn’t a standard feature on SexBots. As her final precautions to prevent any embarrassing questions she placed a towel under her pelvis to protect the sheets and inserted a ballgag into her mouth strapping it to her face, sometimes her SexualBehaviourProgram would replicate her Avatar's experiences in the real world with her Gynoid if she didn't maintain sufficient control.


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I thought the ready availability of alternate modules gave the game away....


Anyway, BioMorp and the military are being tricksy. They ARE (sorry were) building Combat Gynoids and Androids without official sanction, skimming off the most promising 'material' and having a 'software glitch'. There isn't that much difference in the appearance of a Biomorph Concubot and a Warbot, except one can shoot you!


As for the body, the Gynoid IS the body. Substantial parts of the convicts body are used as raw material. Biomorph! They are seriously enhanced and rebuilt. Also note: No appeal and an indefinite sentence so nothing to store.


It's still an early concept. As for the aim, it's to produce an unusual scenario that still allows the player to continue with other quests.

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Perhaps a bunch of missions where you have X hours to get to location Y and service Z number of troops there and what you do on the way there and back is up to you. Or there just could be a requirement to perform X services per day on troops anywhere.


Or the mission could be to escort a group of other gynoids to service troops. Perhaps theres competition between NPC gynoids to achieve quota's.


Penalities for failure would reduce the amount of free time a gynoid has or increase their daily quota of troops to service or reduce the ability for a Gynoid to orgasm, though lust would continue to rise as normal incurring debuffs.

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Thanks for the input. Useful suggestions for a Concubot Gynoid mod (if the US armed forces are still around - does the enclave count?) but as I hinted, you are transformed into a 'clandestine' war-gynoid indistinguishable for a concubot. More likely to shoot Eden's cohorts than service them I expect.


Needs a different set of quests I feel.

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