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cbbe neck seam


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Hi! I'm currently using Caliente's body mod along with the TBA bodyslide preset, Everything looks great. My only problem is the extremely visible neck seam I have, I have tried multiple skin mods to try and get it to blend in but nothing has worked. Does anyone know how to fix it or a mod set up that will make it less visible? thanks :)





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Are you using an ENB? I just recognized today that ENB Ambient Occlusion can be the reason for horrible neck seams (maybe the vanilla one too? haven't checked that). But your screenshot doesn't look like that, I had "shadows" all over the face and neck, making the skin there darker of course.

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Tommolar, did you try tweaking the skin roughness settings for your neck in show looks menu or the surgery chair?


These pictures are the Caliente body textures with Valkyr face textures. The method works for any textures, but which setting removes the line will depend on the texture. Thus you need to test for your own character.


Notice that the visibility of the line changes depending on which setting the neck has:




Slight Rash:


Light Tan:






(You may need to copy the links to a new tab to see the pictures.)

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