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Bodyslide - The following set will override the same files.


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Hi, I have search everywhere but can't find the answer.


I use remodeled armor for CBBE HDT Bodyslide, but one day I had a problem and all these armor were not "bodyslided anymore. Each time I use Batch Build i have an error : The following sets will override the same filesx. Please decide which one to use and select it in the list below.


And 99% i can choose between CalArmor -Nameofthearmor and CalArmor - Vanilla Nameofthearmor.


I try uninstall bodyslide (and delete the file in MO) and all amor/clothes mods. I even uninstall CBBE :'(


I have the impression than the old files are in the virtual files of Bodyslide.


Maybe I should reinstall Bodyslide without copy the bodyslide's files of each clothes/armor mods in the caliente tools files of bodyslide. (I'm a nnob, a try my best :x) and bodyslide will maybe use the files in the virtual folder ?


Thanks for your future help :)

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That's not an error, it's a feature that was added to bodyslide.

Initially bodyslide would just build all of them and whatever bodyslide mesh of that particular outfit was made last, would be the one that remained.


Now however, it has a function that detects when an outfit will have multiple meshes made for it and allows you to choose which one is made. Let's say you use one of DeserterX's outfits, in the bodyslide conversion files it gives you 3 conversion options within the files, <outfit name> CBBE, <outfit name> CBBE BBP and <outfit name> CBBE TBBP. When you try to batch build with all 3 selected, it will pop up with the option box you described allowing you to make a choice, so if you don't have support for TBBP, you can just select the regular CBBE conversion. Usually when you select the groups for the batch build, it shows all the conversion options, so if you have a similar outfit to the one I listed in my example, you could deselect <outfit name> CBBE BPP and <outfit name> CBBE TBBP, allowing only the regular CBBE to be built and not have the option dialogue box pop up when you try to batch build.


Hope this helps.

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So i try what yo usay and choose wisely...yeah i just unselect all the CalArmor or CalClothe (work perfectly) but i have an error after that :




I took a screenshot to give you the most information I can :x


I remember, I change the files because I want them to replace the original (didn't want to go through the rack to change them), but even if it's that i've remove all the bodyslide files to reinstall it properly, so the old files should be deleted...


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It's not the bodyslide files that it's saying it's going to replace, it's the nifs inside the outfit folders.

The issue you've got there is that for some reason your bodyslide files for those outfits are broken, are you using the right bodytype? Did you do a clean reinstall?

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I use this mod : http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/25259/?


My bodytype is CBBE HDT with my preset (Hot....yeah don't ask ^^).


And for a clean reinstall. First I remove bodyslide on MO, and next i delete the files of bodyslide (aka .../Skyrim/Mod Organizer/mods/ Bodyslide and Ouftit Studio). Not sure if it's enough ?


MAJ : Ok, problem solved, it's stupid, i've just forgot to copy the mesh from the mods....Sorry for bothering you and thanks again :D

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