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Npc Sex Through Dialogue (Modding)

Guest Jenova23

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Guest Jenova23

I'm trying to make it so two npc will have sex after a specific line of dialog. Does anyone know how to do this? I'm a complete noob so a tutorial would be nice or maybe something that will point me in the right direction. I've tried adding...


set Sexout.sextype to vaginal
set SexoutNG.ActorA to aaaquestffMoiraMarkref
set SexoutNG.ActorB to aaaquestFFMoiraSREF
set Sexout.duration to 60
CIOS SexoutBegin


to Result Script (End) but nothing seems to work I'm not sure if I have to add a condition.  I was also thinking of modifying a script package in FNV Sexual Innuendo FNV Sexual Innuendo NPCs Plugin, but the the script isn't working. Here is a example...


 set wsexQuest.sexType to (getRandomPercent/34) + 1
  aaaquestFFMoiraSREF.CIOS wsexAftersexMinor
    if getIsId aaaquestFFMoiraSREF
    CIOS wsexAftersexMinor
  if getisSex Female
    addItem wsexReceiverToken 1
    aaaquestFFMoiraSREF.addItem wsexGiverToken 1
    aaaquestFFMoiraSREF.addItem wsexReceiverToken 1
    addItem wsexGiverToken 1

if getIsId aaaquestFFMoiraSREF == 0 && getItemCount wsInSlaveToken == 0
  addScriptPackage wsInReturnBack


Any help is much appreciated.


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