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How to view sex animations?

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I would like to watch every sex animation currently available to me in Skyrim, to see which ones I like and which ones I don't.


Currently I can view any animation in the following manner:

1. Point the crossbar at a woman.

2. Press N.

3. Press Esc.

4. Click "Mod configuration".

5. Click "SexLab".

6. Click "Animation Editor".

7. Click on the name of the currently active animation.

8. Select the name of the animation I want to view.

9. Click Tab

10. Click "Play Animation / Click Here".

11. Click twice Enter and 3 times Tab.

Then I get to see that animation, after which I would have to repeat the entire procedure to see the next animation, and so on.


Is there a simpler way of doing it?


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