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Question about the console.swf file

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So I've been looking for mods that wouldn't be too risky to use or delete everything you did with each official/mod updates. I'm doing that because I had that experience with the Homemaker mod, a few weeks after it's first release.

Right now, I'm trying to stay away from .esp and especially .esm files as much as possible. I've been mainly using replacers.


Problem is, if you want to really enhance the settlement building, you can't with simple replacers. I've been looking and tbh most mods add new keywords and so you have to download the SK mod too. So I'm not that interested.

Snap'n Build looks very interesting though, however I've been checking the files, and saw a console.swf file, which if I remember correctly, changes something with the in-game console. I don't remember exactly what however, I guess it depends.

I just had a look at my Skyrim installation, and it does have that file too. I don't remember where I got it though.


Is the console.swf file potentially dangerous ? All I want is to avoid corrupted savefiles/break my game and restart over.

With simple .esp mods usually you simply need a clean save and everything should come back to normal, but I don't know about this.


Any help would be appreciated ! Thank you !

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