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Alternative Start Blue Void Issue


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So, I decided to start again. Like again again. From scratch. I wanted to use Alternative Start, make a base template game in Mod Organizer then head out from there.
One hitch though.
No matter the load order and the amount of mods I have active, I get the bue void issue. You can see my eyes and that's it. I know I must be missing something fundementally important but I cannot for the life of me think what it is. I have tried using just Alternative Start on it's own without any additional mods or textures (including no SKYUI and SKSE), i've tried it with all the requirements that the mod needs, and tried it with more textures added but every time I get this issue. Vanilla works fine; I can load it with or without mods, I just need to go through that long dull start sequence and puts me to sleep I'm afraid but I have full textures and stuff. I've validated my game and redownloaded it aswell and still nothing.
Any ideas?




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