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ENBs for performance gain ?

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Hi all


I started using ENBs, but a lot of them are extremely confusing in what they do and also a lot of them have unwanted functions, so I am kinda hoping someone could point me in the right direction of what I am looking for.


Thing is, I want to run some settings at low or medium, but others at high. This is where the problems come in. 


I am basically looking to preserve characters and NPCs high textures, I don't want too much fading etc., I do not care for any weather, fog or environmental effects whatsoever, in fact, I would like my skyrim to be more clear and simple weather and environment wise so that my machines and the games resources are assigned to what I care about.


Lighting, could use some optimization here but not if it makes things darker or foggy as the ones I have tried so far do.


Character / NPC glow or afterglow, really dont want any of this. Don't need any glowy stuff.


The one thing I would like is something, perhaps an ENB, that woudl make low quality shadows better, as the default low end shadows that come with skyrim are extremely jagged and right down horrible, I don't mind if they are inaccurate, or blobby, just blurred.


So any ENBs or anything else out there that is not outdated and can scale down weather effects, lighting and shadows reliably without impact on character or NPC textures ? Without any glow effects, or making interiors too dark ?







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