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FO4Edit Newbie needs help!

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Hey there, people who use FO4Edit - how do you make a mod?


Specifically, I want to un-nerf the artillery smoke grenade throw distance (I don't like my grenades hitting an invisible wall in midair well short of my intended target). I'm pretty sure all I need to do is alter the ArtillerySmokeFlareProjectile (projectile) record, and change that range=10000 to range=15000 like the other grenades (at least, I'm pretty sure that's it - I can't find any other thing that looks about right).


Unfortunately, I've never used xedit like this before - creating merged patches and cleaning master files is about all I've ever done with it. So how do I actually do what I want to do? There's no method I can find to actually type in text or alter anything - I can view, but not edit.


Please help!


p.s. I'm sure the CK (or GECK or whatever) will be just fine for this when it comes out, but there's no telling exactly when that'll be, and anyway I'm an impatient, entitled whinger and I want it noooowwwwwww!!!!!

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1. Copy override into new file.


2. Edit the lifetime (not the range) value (right click and edit).

2. Edit the Explosion - Alt. Trigger - Timer value. (vanilla artillery grenades set to 0.8, other grenades 2.5 - set it to 2.5 and works fine)


3. Save.


Thanks to chucksteel.



EDIT: Um... where is the "mark as solved" button again?


EDIT: Aah, there it is. Some moderator helped out a poor, struggling idiot. :)

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