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Need help, can someone create a beautiful face/slider setup

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Hi all,


is there a nice person here who can create a beautiful face or preset/slider setup? The later I would prefer so I can recreate the face for bodymods. I'm really not that good in that and I'm not 100% satisfied with my own results so if someone would help that would be awesome.

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Asking for a "beautiful face/preset slider setup" isn't going to really help you.

There are thousands of presets and hundreds of bodyslide presets ongoing on the web, your definition of "beautiful" might not be the same as someone who will make a "beautiful preset" for you.


I recommend taking a look here for Racemenu presets (has quite a few): http://skypreset-warehouse.eu/Preset/Presets

Or for other presets you can take a look over at skyrim nexus.

And over here are a lot of bodyslide presets: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/24606-sybp-share-your-bodyslide-preset/

Or for other presets you can take a look over at skyrim nexus.


Just pick something that fits your view of "beautiful" and install it.

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it is for a mod so I can't just use a preset that easily. ;)

And it is only the face, not the body. I already spend some time to find a good face to begin and copy/modify the sliders but after some time it just didn't trigger it like some other NPC mods on Nexus for me.

That's why I ask for help. :)

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