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skyrim some questions.

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hello everyone I installed the mod amourosadventures but I do not have much time to play these days so I would know it there's a console command to commit the quests once. If not what are the id of the quests that I may have to use the command SetStage ? And what mod can I use for the futanari (II have sexlab, no sexlab animations pack, zaz animations) ? I also noticed some scenes the characters do not really kissing and like licking. Is it normal? And attractive irrestibility spell does not work on Serana, is normal ?
Thank you for your answers :)


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if i have correct, amorousadventure show (well, not AA but the creator LOL ) all the quest ID at the description page of the mod


its all the "text" file under each adventure description, containt quest explain, npc ID, quest Id and level etc...

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