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So I had to kill all the Markarth guards...again. [Glitch?]


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Not posting in technical support cause I'm not really wanting to make the effort to fix it, but will avoid it instead.[nvm the choice was made for me]


So I was going about Amourus Adventures quests with Annekke Crag-Jumper in the temple of Dibella on behalf of her daughter.  We did our thing and completed what we 'needed' to do there, however rather than continue on with Annekke and going straight to shors stone, I opted to part ways for awhile and cleanup a mess of tasks to do in the Markarth area. 

So I asked Annekke to trade items so I can take the previous loot of her hands, then told her I'd see her later.  Several seconds pass, I'm in the middle of initiating an event with one of the priestesses and everyone losses their shit.  Senna yells I shouldn't be in there (was by the fountain entrance), at the same time a guard materializes and states I've committed crimes and steals camera control. 


Now I am a thane there so I really don't care what happened to make everyone loss their cool with me and am going to tell the sodding bastard to leave me alone, but before I could SexLabs killed the guards dialogue box and Orla and the PC opted for some action rather than finish the conversation with the guard.  Which means he stated attacking the stark naked dragonborn in the middle of the temple, which my followers didn't appreciate.


Anyways, just wondering if anyone else has had trading items with a follower count as stealing anywhere before as I think that's what caused it.  Or if it's something that only happens in the temple of dibella.

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